New Features

Proteus Version 8.8 is a major release and includes several important new features.

Creating library parts for schematic and layout can be tedious and error prone and diverts the engineer from the task of actually making the product. Fortunately, there are now a variety of third party websites with catalogues of literally millions of library parts available for import. We’ve created a simple import interface designed to work with multiple tools such as SamacSys, Ultra-Librarian, SnapEDA and PCB Library Expert. This allows you to download and import any parts that don’t exist in the installed libraries with a minimum of fuss. Both schematic symbols and PCB footprints can be imported at the same time along with the pin mapping between them. The existing BSDL import and pin layout editor functionality has also been integrated into the new import workflow.

We have upgraded the design rule manager to allow the definition of board constraints that apply to a specific area of the PCB. Reducing the scope of the design rules down to a specific area can be used for setting different clearances for things like:

  • Escape area for a BGA.
  • Pad and trace clearances around a fine pitch SMT device.
  • High Voltage protection area.
  • Edge connectors.

Following customer requests, we have added the ability to specify different properties (including the part value) for particular components in each variant of a design. This allows variants to carry alternate pin compatible parts each with its own value, stockcode, cost and so on. Alternate property values can also be used in circuit simulation. The only restriction is that all variants of a component must carry the same PCB footprint.

A full list of features and fixes is available from the Updates and Fixes Support Forum for more information. Proteus 8.8 is available free of charge to all customers whose USC is valid.